BGA Rework Station – R 6860A

  • BGA Rework Station – R 6860A


Model : VEEFIX- R6860A

Fully Automatic BGA rework station

PLC controlled

Multi temperature curves

Choose heating profile as per BGA Chip

Best for TV / Laptop / Sony PlayStation 



Upper Heating Power 1200W
Lower Heating Power Second zone:1200W, Third zone: IR 2700W
Power Supply AC 220V±10% 50/60HZ
Overall Dimension L650*W630*H850mm
Locating  Mode

V-shape card slot, PCB holder can be adjustable by X and Y axes with universal jigs.

Temperature Controlling

K type thermocouple closed loop control, independent temperature control, precision up to ±3 degree

PCB Size Max 450*390mm, Min 10*10mm
Electrical Material

High sensitive temperature control module, PLC and Touch Screen 

Weight of machine 60KG