Mobile LCD Separator Machine – CP 201

  • Mobile LCD Separator Machine – CP 201


Characteristics of the equipment :-

  • Simple structure, convenient operation; Can break up the glue (OCA)at the same time,and water-binder(LOCA)products.
  • After dismantling ITO and LCM may continue to use after cleaning.

  • Equipment size: 300*200*150mm
  • Table size: 165*95mm
  • Equipment weight: 3kg
  • No mould, vacuum laminating machine and bubble remover in one.
 Equipment application:-
  • Suitable for the touch screen after laminating, touch or cover board from the LCD need to tear open come down to repair products.

Equipment technical parameters:-

  • Equipment power supply: AC220V/16a 50hz 500w power (optional AC 110V,AC220V)
  • Environmental requirements: no dust, cleanroom.
  • Heating mode: constant temperature heating
  • Workbench operating mode: manual operation.