LCD Repair Laser Machine - KD 65LJ-P

  • LCD Repair Laser Machine - KD 65LJ-P



Machine Description:
This LCD repair LASER MACHINE is equipped state of art control system from research and development including Laser Head ( HOYA Laser Controller), using MITUTOYO precision optical imaging system (laser processing / observing special microscope, laser processing special optical lens, image observation objective lens), X / Y / Z motor drive system, Electronic control systems, Gas pressure cushioning system, Composed of precision steel base and other .This equipment can be given work piece material layer for short-circuit defect repair process. Work piece to use manual mode .

Technical Specification :

Model Number KD 65 LJ-P
Size Repairable up to 65"
Workbench size 890mm*1540mm
Objective Lens 2x, 5x, 10x, 20x
Optical lens Barrel Mittutoyo
Server Systm Mitsubishi HG-KN43J -S100
Touch Unit Samkoon SK -070HE
Control System Mitsubishi FX 3U- 80WT/E5-A
Turn Table Mitutoyo
Air Compressor OTS -550
Cooling System Water Tank Box
Wavelength 1064nm/ 532nm Ir/Gr
Machine ?Size 1560mm *1400mm *1700mm
Material Sheet Metal Steel
General reasons for Lines on Screen:
a. COF problem
b. Glass circuit problem: short circuit, open circuit.
c. Power problem – By PASS ,Jumper etc 
d. PCB board problem 
  • Bonding machine can only solve a. COF problem;
  • Laser machine can solve b problem,
  • Some times laser machine can also solve a, c,d problem (If just very few lines).
 Glass Simple Structure
                                      Each pixel is composited with RGB 3 original colors. Each color brightness is controlled by one COF line. 
 Principle of Laser machine
The principle of laser machine repairing is using the power of laser to change the circuit connection in glass.
Have two function
1. Break a wire 2. Connect two wires
In glass usually have some spare wires for repairing.

In normal condition, there is a insulating layer between main wire and spare wire, main wire and spare wire is not connected.

If apply a proper laser pulse to the cross, can break the insulating layer, and the main wire and spare wire be connected.
Case 1: Repair a Open Circuit
          Case 2 : Repair a Short Circuit