LCD Panel Repair Training

Online class for LCD Panel Fault Finding & Repair techniques brochure

♦ Training Duration : 

Training Phase - 1 : at Rajkot - 3 Days (100% practical)

Training Phase - 2 : at your site with installation - 3 >Days (100% practical)

♦ Timing:

• 9:30 am to 6:00 pm

♦ Training Fees :

•Free (along with purchase of bonding machine)

♦ Syllabus:
  • Block Diagram of Main Board.
  • How to check and trouble shoot Main Board.
  • Output signals and Voltages from Main Board to T-CON Board.
  • Function of T-CON Board.
  • Function of DC to DC Controller IC.
  • Function of LED Driver Controller IC.
  • Main Voltages like - AVDD, VCOM, GAMA , VGH , VGL how to test.
  • Effect of missing voltages in the picture.
  • If no voltage than how to rectify the same.
  • How to check – Data Signals goes from TCON to COF IC.
  • How to do BYPASS perfectly.
  • How to Solve VGH VGL missing on side COFs. Jumper process.
  • Ghost, Slow motion, Colour missing etc problems troubleshoot.
  • How to install Universal Main board for any panel.
  • How to Check - Bonding problem.
  • What is ACF Bonding process.
  • Removing COF – without damage the glass or COF itself.
  • Cleaning process of GLASS, PCB Side.
  • Cleaning OLD COFs - Speciality of ACF 750.
  • Pre Bonding process
  • Bonding on Automatic Machine, why manual machine is not workable.
  • How to use OLD COF Bonding mode.
  • Other tips and tricks of BONDING – Advance LEVEL for COFs get spread more.
  • After bonding tips to make it firm and secure for long time.
  • Sources to get – Firmware update, Data Sheets etc...
  • E- BOOKS with Case Studies.
  • DATA of about 10 GB with many resource.